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Mission statement

Connexio's mission statement outlines what our most basic principles are when making strategic decisions, within all areas of our work.

Aim: We are committed to making a liFe in peace and justice possible for everyone 

God wants all people to be helped. Therefore, together with our partners, we support ecclesiastical and social projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Mission: We help spiritually and materially

We would like to share our own lives and our faith in God with others in many different ways. We want to try to do so in words and deeds in an authentic way. Therefore, we invest time, energy and resources. Our desire and our objective are to motivate as many people as possible to do the same.

Network: Together we can go further

We coordinate our projects in the Network for Mission and Service „Connexio“. This network is an expression of our solidarity for each and especially show our close relationship to the people, the churches and their projects counting on our help.

Principles: We promote autonomy and independence 

Our partners want to keep their autonomy and independence. We support these efforts with our resources. Our direct assistance is based on principles of solidarity, integrity and transparency.


For more details on our mission statement, objectives and tasks in our individual fields of activity click on the "Objectives and Tasks" link below.