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Connexio is

... a word

that does not exist in any language. It is neither German, nor French, nor English or Spanish. Yet in all languages it evokes associations such as connection, relations, togetherness.

... a network

of people, congregations and churches around the world. Those involved in Connexio support each other in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word, deed and Christian-based community service. Towards that goal they collaborate with each other and exchange material resources, ideas and know-how.

... an organisation

where staff and volunteers work together under the leadership of a board of directors. Connexio is part of and acts on behalf of the United Methodist Church in Switzerland and France. The headoffice is in Zurich, Switzerland.

... in partnership

with churches, organizations, congregations and projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Switzerland and France.

... an intermediary

between cultures. Encounters with guests from our partner churches, conferences or journeys to our partner churches and congregations in Switzerland and abroad foster personal relationships and help to understand the conditions of life of other people. This challenges us to reflect on our own actions and how they impact people in other countries.